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Previous projects:

Project 2019 – Mirage in Space
“Mirage in Space” in Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands in 2019 with support from Swedish Performing Arts Agency. 


28. September 2019, Vågen, Örebro Astronomi (SE)

27. September 2019, Brorfelde Observatory (DK)

12. July 2019, Sonnenborgh Observatory, Utrecht (NL)

10. July 2019, Zomeravondconcerten aan zee (NL)

4. June 2019, Science Café Tilburg (NL)

14. April 2019, Tycho Brahe-observatory Oxie, Malmö (SE)

14. April 2019, Tycho Brahe-observatory Oxie, Malmö (SE) - children show

13. April 2019, Institution för astronomi och teoretisk fysik, Lund (SE) 



Project 2017 "Trio Nebula in Concert" - Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen 

For the first time, Tycho Brahe Planetarium’s Dome Theatre will be filled with live astronomic music and breathtaking visuals for this concert with Trio Nebula.
The evening will essentially be a conversation between music and science. Tycho Brahe Planetariums astrophysicist Tina Ibsen will give short talks about the science behind the music and guide you through our universe with stunning visuals from space. In response, the trio will be performing music inspired by the scientific talks.

The concert is arranged with support from Danish Composers´ Society´s Production Pool/KODA´s Cultural Funds.



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Project 2016 - Observatory tour in The Netherlands:

We are going on tour and visit 8 different observatories in The Netherlands! There, we will play the music from our CD and combine it with a presentation video with astrophysicist Anja C. Andersen. This way we hope to make a good connection between music and science. Also, it is possible to join a tour through the building afterwards and take a look at the stars!


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Friday 14th of October at 20:00, Amersfoort - Observatory concert  
Saturday 15th of October at 19:30, Heesch - Observatory concert  

Sunday 16th of October at 19:30, Leiden - Observatory concert
Tuesday 18th of October at 20:00, Zwolle - Observatory concert 

Wednesday 19th of October at 20:00, Hellendoorn - Observatory concert  

Thursday 20th of October at 20:00, Sonnenborgh Utrecht - Observatory concert  

Friday 21st of October at 20:00, Lochem - Observatory concert  

Saturday 22nd of October at 20:00, Bussloo - Observatory concert  

Sunday 23rd of October at 20:00 , Sonnenborgh Utrecht - Observatory concert  



December 13. 2016, Tilburg (NL)– Concert
February 28. 2016, Frederiksberg slotskirke (DK)
February 27. 2016, S:t Andreas kyrka, Malmö (SE)February 26. 2016, SDMK Odense (DK)

June 21. 2015 Havik Festival, Amersfoort, Holland (NL)
November 8. 2014, Studenterhuset Odense (DK) - CD RELEASE "Puls"
July 19. 2014, Bostheater Ommen (NL) - "The Pulse" concert
July 17. 2014, Immanuel kerk, Dedemsvaart (NL) - "The Pulse" concert
June 24. 2014, Utrecht Conservatory, HKU Utrecht (NL) - Els' Master Recital

May 18. 2014, SMKS Odense (DK) - Stigs Master Recital
October 27. 2013, Fraugde church (DK) – concert

March 10. 2013, Ringe kirke (DK) – concert
October 8. 2012, Nr. Lyndelse church (DK) – concert

October 7. 2012, Skive music society (DK) – concert
March 30. 2012, SMKS Odense (DK) – concert

March 29. 2012, Ødsted church (DK) – concert
March 27. 2012, Ejerslykke, Odense (DK) – concert

March 1. 2012, De Oosterpoort, Groningen (NL) – concert
February 29. 2012, Conservatory Utrecht (NL) – concert

April 20. 2011, Conservatory Utrecht (NL) – concert
February 3. 2011, Royal College of Music, Stockholm (SE) - concert