Project 2019 – Mirage in Space

We are currently planning a tour “Mirage in Space” in Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands in 2019 with support from Swedish Performing Arts Agency. 


Previous projects:


Project 2017 "Trio Nebula in Concert" - Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen 

For the first time, Tycho Brahe Planetarium’s Dome Theatre will be filled with live astronomic music and breathtaking visuals for this concert with Trio Nebula.
The evening will essentially be a conversation between music and science. Tycho Brahe Planetariums astrophysicist Tina Ibsen will give short talks about the science behind the music and guide you through our universe with stunning visuals from space. In response, the trio will be performing music inspired by the scientific talks.

The concert is arranged with support from Danish Composers´ Society´s Production Pool/KODA´s Cultural Funds.


Project 2016- Observatory tour in The Netherlands

Observatory tour. We will play our Puls repertoire in observatories throughout Denmark and The Netherlands. The music is all inspired by space. The famous Danish astrophysicist Anja Andersen will be in our presentation video, which we will show during the concerts. She will explain several interesting phenomena from space and talk to some of the composers, whose works we will play, to make the artistic connection between music and science. The locations and the presentation will create a perfect environment for our music.   


Project 2015: Children concert

11 students at the conservatory in Utrecht (NL) were writing new pieces for Trio Nebula.

They will all be a part of a new children show.


"Puls" project 2012-2014:

The purpose of "Puls" project is to use the theme pulse, which is something everyone knows, to create new contemporary pieces that will be accessible and exciting for most people to listen to.

With "The Pulse" we want to create new pieces by composers from Denmark and The Netherlands with the human pulse as the overall theme.

In February and July 2014 we recorded our debut CD with the new pieces. We got support to our project from the Danish foundations: The Danish Arts Foundation (2013), KODA (2013) and Dansk Komponist Forening (2013) and the Dutch foundation: Performing Arts Fund.

Listen to the new pieces on youtube: Trio Nebula- Soon the CD will be available on iTunes and Spotify and you can order a CD by sending us a message.