Trio Nebula was founded in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden, by Monica Schmidt Andersen (recorder) and Els van der Weij (saxophone). Several percussion players have been active in Trio Nebula. In 2019 percussionist Mervyn Groot joined us.  

The musicians are on a continuous exploration to find new colours, new styles of contemporary music and in particular to find out how to make new music accessible to a broad audience. The intriguing combination of instruments triggers curiosity and interest with the audience as well as composers.

The ensemble has had lessons with Professor Johan van der Linden (saxophone, NL), Peter Prommel (percussion, NL), Christer Johnsson (saxophone, SE), Anders Loguin (SE), Dan Laurin (SE), Nikolaj Ronimus (recorder, DK) and Søren Monrad (percussion, DK).

They performed at the chamber music festival in 2011 in Sweden (Royal College of Music, Stockholm), the live TV show 'Paradise of culture' (Södertalje) and several places in The Netherlands and Denmark. 

In 2014 Trio Nebula recorded their first CD 'Puls', with music written for the trio by Dutch and Danish composers. The year after the trio worked with the composers' class from the Utrecht conservatory. The students composed ten new pieces inspired by the colours of the nebula.